Acupuncture Services


We’ll begin with a thorough overview of your health history and concerns, and create a treatment plan that fits your needs. We take time to answer your questions, and walk you through what you can expect from your experience.


During an acupuncture treatment, very fine, sterile needles are gently inserted into specific points on various places on the body according to your diagnosis. These needles are left in place for 20-25 minutes while you rest comfortably. Acupuncture is generally considered to be painless by most of our patients.


There are additional modalities such as cupping, electro-stimulation, lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, stress management) and traditional Chinese medicinal practices that are occasionally incorporated into your treatment to give you the best benefit.

Herbal Medicine

Incorporating Chinese herbs into your acupuncture practice can be an invaluable supplement during treatment and increase its effectiveness.


Herbal treatment may be discussed if your practitioner feels it is appropriate for you during your acupuncture treatment.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Ready to look and feel your best? Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a natural, safe and effective way to address issues like minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and counteract the effects of rosacea and acne.


Our cosmetic treatments include needling on both your face and body that revive your skin, bringing out your beautiful self.